An Account of Maiwand

Lieutenant Manus O’Donel


From the Horses Mouth

Gunner 3943 Frances Naylor


How was the 66th Regiment Deployed?

Lt.Colonel Mike Snook MBE


Indian Order of Merit Awards for Maiwand

Richard J Stacpoole-Ryding


Back After an Extended Stay of 128 Years

Andy Chaloner


Transport & Veterinary Services at Maiwand

Richard J. Stacpoole-Ryding


It’s a Dogs Life in the Army

Richard J Stacpoole-Ryding


An Illustration Identified

Richard J. Stacpoole-Ryding


Maiwand Medal News

Andy Chaloner


A Presentation of the Battle of Maiwand

Marilyn Chaloner


North East Medals


Book Review

Maiwand The Last Stand of The 66th (Berkshire) Regiment

Afghanistan, 1880




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