North East Medals must be first amongst medal dealers in the United Kingdom in the fact that they not only offer a superb selection of medals to collectors but go the extra mile by extending their website to become a mine of information on medals, regiments and hosting a forum. Managed by Mike Young who started his medal collecting in the early 1970s he became fascinated about the man behind the medal. An opportunity arose in 2005 to start an internet business and Mike decided to incorporate his ideas of what a medal dealerís website should be.


Why North East Medals has come under the spotlight for this journal is because the 66th (Berkshire) Regiment is one of their featured regiments. The page devoted to The Berkshires is a full history of the regimentís battles and achievements and for the Ďanoraksí a breakdown of men killed in battles and numbers of medals awarded.


Included in the webpage is the Afghanistan 1878-80 Medal and Kabul to Kandahar Star medal tracker that has been painstaking maintained by Richard Stacpoole-Ryding as part of his Maiwand Files Project. The tracker shows all known locations and sightings of the medals awarded to The Berkshires and was up to now only circulated privately.[1] Now the whole of the medal and military history fraternity can have access to this unique tracker. Updates will be made on a regular basis.


North East Medals website has received compliments from historians and genealogists who have found the website helpful in their research. Hardened medal collectors visit the site regularly.


This website is highly recommended to all who are interested in the 66th (Berkshire) Regiment, Maiwand or other regiments. Who knows, you may find that medal you have been looking in the catalogue as well.


North East Medals website can be visited on






[1] Private circulation will still continue to subscribers as the format of the tracker is on an Excel spreadsheet and takes on a different format. Subscription is free and on application to